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Different Campaign Needs -
Different Demand Side Platforms

It’s tempting to state that a single DSP is best at all forms of Programmatic Advertising. This would be, however, not true. After years of campaign experience, through extensive testing and by running all different forms of programmatic display advertising - we transformed our single market solution to a multiple one.

Especially when it comes down to performance campaigns, video campaigns, hyper-local campaigns and branding (e.g. by extensive whitelisting and/or applying brand-safety tools), using dedicated platforms drastically increase chances of running a successful/profitable campaign.

Through years of partnership we offer several Demand Side Platforms as a white label, licensed (self-serve) and managed. We offer training and our knowledge. Using our buying power we create tools and have strong influence on the roadmap of the platform in question. Especially when it comes down to local integrations (either SSP, DMP or other) we can act swift and decisively.

Discover true value by applying the right technology for your desired campaign result.

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