GPS targeting
Location determination has never been so accurate

About 6 years ago as little as 5% of smartphones permanently had their GPS ‘on’. Today, because of thousands (if not hundred of thousands) of apps in use (which require GPS to be on), estimates and research suggest this percentage to be in the high 90’s (%).

This means a large portion of consumers have their GPS permanently on and with that, their exact location can be determined. This can be as accurate as 5 meters. It’s worth mentioning that, although developments are being made for the mobile-web protocol, only an ad-request coming from within an app - can ‘transfer’ a GPS position (or; latitude/longitude coordinates).

Tech features
  • 01
    Build your own database
  • 02
    Contextual serving/targeting
  • 03
    Extensive forecasting
  • 04
    Ad creation & rich media
  • 05
    Native advertising
  • 06
    Private marketplace
  • 07
    Beacon synergy
  • 08
    Whitelisting services
  • 09
    Audio ads
  • 10
    Self serve
  • 11
    Device id capabilities
  • 12
    Football attributuion
  • 13
    Retrageting & reamrekting
  • 14
    Tvty tv synchronization
  • 15
    Brand safety
  • 16
    Extensive ad reporting
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