Interest targeting
Target your audience based on interest data

There are several protocols for targeting specific interest audiences. Firstly; most Data Management Platforms (or: DMP) provide interest preferences of smartphone users. These are collected via cookie protocols (mobile web) or Device-ID protocols (in-app). The collection (or: crawling) of user preferences roughly comes down to publishers that are visited, specific content that is clicked on - and/or products that are bought. These preferences are stored and can be targeted upon using a good Demand Side Platform which is integrated with a Data Management Platform.
-Please note that we don’t offer third party data targeting - using a DMP - in Europe (do to the GDPR).

Tech features
  • 01
    Build your own database
  • 02
    Contextual serving/targeting
  • 03
    Extensive forecasting
  • 04
    Ad creation & rich media
  • 05
    Native advertising
  • 06
    Private marketplace
  • 07
    Beacon synergy
  • 08
    Whitelisting services
  • 09
    Audio ads
  • 10
    Self serve
  • 11
    Device id capabilities
  • 12
    Football attributuion
  • 13
    Retrageting & reamrekting
  • 14
    Tvty tv synchronization
  • 15
    Brand safety
  • 16
    Extensive ad reporting
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