Location based mobile advertising
Necessity of in-app inventory and quality determination of location

Serving ads on mobile phones based on location has become a well-known discipline of mobile display advertising. Reaching audiences by targeting specific locations creates endless possibilities.

Some examples:
  • Reach specific B2B audiences by targeting a B2B event.
  • Serve on thousands of addresses of companies that provide IT services.
  • Serve on hundreds of addresses of companies that provide medical care for elderly people (case study).
  • Reach male’s with serious income by targeting golf-clubs.
  • Reach students by targeting universities.

Businesses with physical locations can simply ask for a GEO-Fence to be placed ‘above’ their respective location’s/branches and with that, target consumers who are in the area. These GEO-Fences can be 50 meters or 5 miles; whatever the client/advertiser wants.

There are, however, some things to keep in mind. Studies and research show that about 80% of mobile activity is in-app. Having big amounts of in-app inventory can determine a positive outcome of a campaign. When using a generic platform (or DSP) this is most often not the case. The more connected (mobile orientated) adexchanges and SSP's, the better. Furthermore the actual technical determination of a devices' location can be quite different.

Fraud prevention tools are a necessity. Unfortunately it’s a common practice that publishers give their available impressions false location data to receive a higher bid price. All in all the technique – when deployed rightly – is considered a very strong marketing tool.

Tech features
  • 01
    Build your own database
  • 02
    Contextual serving/targeting
  • 03
    Extensive forecasting
  • 04
    Ad creation & rich media
  • 05
    Native advertising
  • 06
    Private marketplace
  • 07
    Beacon synergy
  • 08
    Whitelisting services
  • 09
    Audio ads
  • 10
    Self serve
  • 11
    Device id capabilities
  • 12
    Football attributuion
  • 13
    Retrageting & reamrekting
  • 14
    Tvty tv synchronization
  • 15
    Brand safety
  • 16
    Extensive ad reporting
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