Mobile App Promotion
Getting organic/real installs is key

Getting downloads and installs is easy. How about getting real, organic and permanent users of your App? At Targetoo, we advise and deploy organic App growth campaigns. Based on years of experience and actual appropriate supply integrations we are able to deliver quality CPI campaigns.

Advertisers/clients can use MMP’s such as Adjust, Kochava, Appsflyer, Branch and Singular but it’s also possible for a client to use its own (proprietary) tracking methodology. Using event-mapping our machine learning will be able to optimize your campaigns towards a CPA objective correctly.

We have also developed our in-house incremental value method; Interval Srategy. This method is very effective and essentially shows the huge amount of unjustified attribution that other CPI vendors claim for themselves; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Search campaigns.

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