Beacon technology
Mobile and beacon technology empower each other

Our technology makes synchronizing with data (retrieved using beacon technology) possible. We are able to upload/insert IDFA and GAID identifiers (collected by a beacon) and serve ads on the devices in question.

This can be used for general campaign purposes and/or retargeting. For example, when a beacon is situated in a physical store of a brand, it can collect device identifiers from consumers who are in the store. It is then possible to upload/insert these identifiers in our platform and start serving ads on these devices. This synergy enables a truly beautiful form of mobile advertising with a lot of potential.

Tech features
  • 01
    Build your own database
  • 02
    Contextual serving/targeting
  • 03
    Extensive forecasting
  • 04
    Ad creation & rich media
  • 05
    Native advertising
  • 06
    Private marketplace
  • 07
    Beacon synergy
  • 08
    Whitelisting services
  • 09
    Audio ads
  • 10
    Self serve
  • 11
    Device id capabilities
  • 12
    Football attributuion
  • 13
    Retrageting & reamrekting
  • 14
    Tvty tv synchronization
  • 15
    Brand safety
  • 16
    Extensive ad reporting
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